Alma Haser’s “10 Second Project”


Alma Haser, Ten seconds in the chimney, 2011.

Inspired by the childhood game of playing hide-and-seek, U.K. photographer Alma Haser started playing the game with herself and photographing the results.  The rules were simple, she had 10 seconds in which to set her camera’s timer and attempt to squeeze and manipulate her adult sized body into tiny spaces and tight fits.  The resulting photos and videos are striking, ironic, delightful and absolutely playful!  I had the pleasure of seeing Haser speak at a Miniclip talk hosted by the Bluecoat as park of the Look/13 Photography Festival launch in May 2013 (the event was awesome – 10 photographers spoke about their work for 10 minutes. Fabulous).

Next- Haser extended the challenge/invitation to others and the results are just as charming!  These two are my favorites:


Krista Bailie – Vancouver, Canada


Youmer Gonzalez + Ignacio Perez Perez – Panama City, Panama

See Haser’s “Ten Seconds” series.

Check out all the video’s submitted to the ‘Ten Second Project’ by other people joining in the hide-and-seek fun!


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